Using The Stunning, Wild Irish Coast Line as a Backdrop


Date: 29th of December 2018    |    Wedding Location: Kenmare Bay Hotel

Emer and Sean Stay Wild Images Wedding Photography


For Stay Wild Images this was a dream Wedding Shoot. A merging of Landscape and Wedding Photography.


On 29th of December 2018 Emer & Sean made their Wedding Vows at Eyeries Church, Co. Cork. Eyeries is a village and townland on the Beara Peninsula in County Cork, Ireland overlooking Coulagh Bay and the mouth of the Kenmare River in the south-west. Being situated on the rugged Wild Atlantic Way, it was a huge source of inspiration. As a Photographer, it was a creative challenge to incorporate the beautiful landscape into the composition. The coastline is known for dramatic and spectacular landscapes. Emer & Sean’s location shoot took place here, where Emer grew up.


Technical Challenges

As well as sensational views, the location simultaneously posed some technical challenges. For one, due to the time of year, there was limited light. Luckily, Emer & Sean’s chosen location was close to the church. We had to shoot quickly. With sporadic cloud cover and windy conditions there was a narrow window of time for each shot. Secondly, the weather was very cold and wet. The wild winds were sweeping in from the Atlantic sea. Contending with very harsh conditions, we were under further time pressure. Due to being on the cliff side, safety was also a concern.


The job of the photographer is to be able to adapt to these conditions and sometimes unavoidable external factors to get the shots! And so, I always try to use what some may define as challenging factors to my advantage. The sky was a canvas of drama and strong tones, the edges of the coast line were lush and wild. I wanted to portray the contrast of this wild Irish coastline with the warm love of these newly weds. The Couple requested a relaxed approach to their wedding and so that meant a more candid, documentary approach to their day.



It is rewarding to admire the shots you are proud of from a Wedding Photography shoot. Better still is getting the couple’s positive reaction. After two weeks, I handed over the Wedding Photos. Emer and Sean were in absolute awe of their images. I adore shooting weddings because I just don’t shoot weddings in a regimented way, but create images that reflects the mood. I tell the natural story of your special day. My role is to narrate the story of your Wedding day through my lens.


Emer and Sean Stay Wild Images Wedding Photography


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